Monday, November 22, 2010

Coming home !

My LK is coming home tonight... Yayayay! After 9 days of not seeing him, I really do miss him. I miss his grumpiness, his cheekiness and whatever the package has to offer. Like the Chinese saying, "Not seeing for one day is like three summers " meaning not seeing for one day is already like a long time.

So here I am  , eagerly waiting for him to come back. " Di, I miss you !"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

LV - To buy ?

London & Paris, two places where I would like to go and experience once.  2 days ago, my LK went there on an incentive trip with all the comapny achievers. Although he has to partly work as an "assistant-cum-guide", it is still a trip that I envy. Given the chance, I wouldn't mind too.

Many friends told me to ask my LK to buy back LV bags for me. For me, it is definitely A designer bag but even if it is 50% discount, I don't think I want to buy for 2 reasons. One, it is still expensive even if given a discount. It cost a few thousand just to buy one. I may be able to afford it but I couldn't bear buying such an expensive bag. Silly, you might think ! Maybe it is due to upbringing. When I was a kid, my family were poor. My father had to work outstation and left only my mom and me at home. My mother sometimes had to work part-time house work to support me during the schooldays. Growing up made me realise that money is not a luxury in my life. Therefore, I still can't bear to spend on designer things in spite of the higher pay I am taking now. TWO, LV bags designs are all over the place, be it the China-made or the Original-made, the Pasar-malam ones or the Original-shop ones. If you go out dressed expensively, you can carry a Pasar-malam  LV and nobody questions whether your bag is original or not.  On the contrary, you carry an Original LV, dress ordinarily, people will think it is not an Orginal LV. So, I told my LK not to bother buying an LV back.

So What ?

Today, my silence is golden because my sore throat has developed to a stage that needs antibiotic to cure. Although it is not painful anymore, it is still bothersome that it has caused me to lose my voice. Any sound that comes out of my mouth is now a whisper. I can now imagine how miserable it is for those who wish to speak but can't OR those who has spoken but not heard.

The doctor gave me 2 days of medical leave. To me, if it were seven months ago, I would have taken it wiithout any thought for my work. Why? Seven months ago, I was still at the previous department whereby the teamwork is at the "below basic" stage. Team members are just all about themselves, they just do whatever that benefits them most. They are Sooooo independent, it is just everyone for themsleves. Who cares if they go on leave and there is not enough members to work? Who cares if the work that was done was complete or not? Who cares if you are the only one manning the counter while there are still several customers waiting for you?

NOW, in the new department, I care enough if there are enough members to handle the customers. The teamwork in this department might not be perfect but it is definitely the "above average" stage. It might be more tiring, more work but the spirit is there. It make  me feel energised and work is challenging.Even if I am not feeling that well, I would still try to make it to work and be there to support them as much as possible. So what if i can't talk? I can still do the paper work. So what if I have 2 days MC? I still feel guilty leaving my team to work so hard when I know there are not enough members at work. Anyhow, I still feel happy if I could support them as much as possible. So, BE IT !

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jeslyn's graduation trip

Today Jeslyn is heading out to Malacca for her primary graduation trip with her classmates. Being her first trip without me beside her, she seems independent enough to pack all her things by herself. It was only me that was the worried one. I was fussing over her with the things she should take and also advices on things to be careful with. I guess most parents are the same, right ?

So far, she had been gradually sending me SMS every few hours. This action of hers made me feel less worried. This is not her first time to Malacca but  it is her first outstation trip with her friends. She was so excited about it that she woke up at 5 am  in order to get ready !

I hope she enjoys this trip and may it be a happy and memorable trip for her. This Mummy waits for her to come home safely back into my arms tomorrow night. Sweet dreams, my girl !

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

20 years ago .......

20 years ago, I stepped into this company, full of enthusiasm and ideas. During these years, I have encountered ups and down, happiness and anger, laughter and tears, happiness and sad moments, disappointment and hope,  resentment and forgiveness. Many pages of my life are in this company. After all. everyday 8 hours are spent here which comes up to 1/3 of my weekdays. In other words, I could say 30% of my time are spent in this place. Although many things had happened, I would not want to change the place I am in now. Maybe it is my comfort zone, maybe I am afraid of the challenge or maybe I am too old to change. No matter what , this place will be the place for me to stay on for the next following 10 years UNLESS I strike TOTO, hahahaha.......

Tomorrow is the marking of my 20th anniversary with this place. I hope that the following years to come, I will see happiness, cheers, laughter and hope. Amithabha !

Mr Weather & Bad Apples

I have planned to go on 2 holidays this year -end but Mdm Fate seems to be planning something else. In November, there is supposed to be a trip to Hatyai but now Mr Weather decides to make things more exciting - by playing with "water". Now, I'm neither up or down coz if Mr Weather keeps on playing with water, my holiday is like water thrown down the drain. So, pleeasssse, Mr Weather, let Mr Sun come out n play la!

Coming December, there was supposed to be another trip to an overseas country but somehow it got cancelled. Why? Because some Bad Apples who decided to take things in their own hands had spent too much. Now the Big Durians are angry and the Big Orange decided to keep a low profile by going for a local holiday. In the end, we, the Small Grapes, had to opt for Langkawi. Well,, what to do? Hope the holiday is enjoyable enough to cover the disappointment ! Good Luck to me !

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bad Mood.....

Last two days, I was in a very bad mood.

I happened one day that I was told that I was expected to spend more time doing another's work and that I am not being helpful at all. All these has to come from a third party and It was as if I was being portrayed as a lazy person who doesn't help others. So I asked, "What do you expect from me? Other than my current work, I am also to do another person's work and  not even any free time for myself while the person concerned can rest.. FINE! . I'll do it. I 'll take over 50% of her work so she can be happier".

If you think this was what that makes me angry, then you are mistaken. It is not the extra work, it is the attitude of the person concerned  ( I shall name her A  &  the person telling me this ( name him B ). First of all,  A had never told me that she needed help and she couldn't cope with the work. She only had to ask and help will be there from me. But, no no..... she had to grumble behind my back  to B and  this makes me look like a INCONSIDERATE person. Whenever I ask A if she needs any help, she will decline it and she likes to do things the "long " way, which is why she takes a long time to finish. This B then comes to me and tells me that I am such a  person and I should help her out. That was the thing that is making me angry. After all the years of working together, she didn't even have the courtesy to  tell me personally. It really feels like being BACK-STABBED. Uuurrgggghhhhhhh.......

On the other hand, B says he will also help but as far as I can see, he is not much of a help at all. Sometimes I wish I can just move somewhere else and do things my own style. The steam accumulated so much that tears comes to my eyes. Thankfully, my best friend helped me release some of it and now I'm feeling better. Thanks to you, O !
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